Eco-Conscious Refills

Designed to fit Vidas 13.5 oz Jars

Shop our refill starter packs, which include one reusable jar in an elegant seasonal color of your choice, and one candle refill.

After enjoying the captivating aroma of your candle, replenish it with our eco-friendly refills available in all scents. For step-by-step guidance on how to clean and reuse your jar, click here.

Average burn time: 55+ hours

13.5 oz Candles

single use or sustainable renewal

Vidas 13.5 oz candles, our largest and longest-burning candles, are as versatile as they are luminous. They can be enjoyed for a single use or sustainably refilled, enriching your space and your values.

Average burn time: 55+ hours

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3.5 oz Travel Candles

Wanderlust in a flame

Perfect for filling cozy spaces with your favorite fragrance, gifting to loved ones, or stocking up on a variety of delightful options.

Average burn time: 22+ hours

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2.5 oz Wax Melts

Fragrance without the flame

Experience Vidas scents in their purest form. Control the release of our captivating aromas by adding 1-2 cubes to your favorite wax melter (6 cubes per pack).

Average burn time: 36+ hours

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